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Because you're never enough...

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I figured here was as good a place as any to blab about my gleeful news.
I finally freakin' finished a novel.
Like, a real novel. 181 pages of double spaced, courier 12 point fiction.
It's super mega rough right now, completely first draft and whatnot.
But anyone who wants to read it, just ask. I'd love to get it read.
So, okay, yes. Catch you 'round.

P.S. This is not Harbinger or the Tarot Story or anything like that. It's 'literary fiction'. Snazzy, no? Snooty, too.

* * *
I've re-decided to take Harbinger off here, since I'm all editing it and stuff. Also, I want to hide it from the world before I'm ready to unveil it in all it's genreness.
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(To give this some context, this is a sort of rant I went on one time about something I do when I'm bored. I was talking to [read 'at')] someone on AIM about this. In my defense, she admitted once doing the same thing. Everything that follows is all my side of the conversation, since it sort of became this extended explanation. I understand how very banal it is to post AIM conversations, but bugger off, I'm doing this confessionally. Here goes...)

Do you ever happen to write things to people you know are away...
And try to make their away response seem clever, so they come back and see something clever.
Especially if their away message is some obscure quote from some song by some band most people wouldn't recognize?
Like, here a stupid example I'm making up. Somebody has some really weird away message up like:
'Kittens ate my car.'
Something utterly absurd that means something pretty much only to them and, maybe, somebody else close to them.
And so you write to them:
'Dude, can I borrow your wheels Saturday?'
And they immediately reply, as they would, with:
'Kittens ate my car.'
So you throw right back:
'Dude, again? I'm beginning to doubt that excuse.'
So they come back to experience some random hilarity on their desktop.

(Well, if that's not expressive of my crazy youthful vigor and indomitable spirit of irreverance, I don't know what is. Peace out, y'all.)
* * *
I've got jobs, you see, and one of them is sitting at the circulation desk at the Cabot Science library. While not shelving like the library ninja I am I tend to keep a terrible vigil over the poor mortals who come here for enlightenment. And I check books out for them. Right now there is a lull in the flow of knowledge and I had just finished re-writing the first chapter from my RotDR novel, so I decided to post it up here. Then I figured, why the hell not tack a real post up on this sucker.
I'm going to be honest. I've tapped into someone else's music library, and I'm listening to fuckin' Blink 182. Adam's Song no less. Damn, this brings back memories. Camp Coniston and Ian James's room. Sweet freakin' Lord almighty on a popsicle stick. Crazy times.
But tiresome, bad music inspired nostalgia aside, I suppose I should give some sort of status update or something. Not so long ago I was suffering from some lassitude, mixed with this hateful restlessness. My fair Significant Other said she was suffering from the same deal. Without school to drive me... and with that disgusting English grade hovering over me... not a pleasant set up.
But now I'm working, I've created some purpose for myself. I'm writing again. I'm working. Making cash. Seeing people. I need to keep this up.
If you read this, I do hope I'll see you soon. Give me a ring, or something.
Alright, peace out.

P.S. I gotta wonder, how many people have used the above subject line and thought they were oh-so-clever, and how many did it, with full knowledge it had been done before, and thought it would still be a little clever if they wrote a note beneath about how they realized it's so been done before and... okay, I'm stopping before I write myself into my own screenplay.
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